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Ed Padilla
CB Pollard
Barbara Pollard
Barbara Pollard
Larry Storm
Janet Taylor

American Legion Riders Prayer

We give thanks to You for Your gift and privilege to ride.  To experience the freedom of spirit; and oneness with You we feel on the open road.  This we thank You for because of the grace You have bestowed upon us.  Words cannot describe the beauty and majesty of Your creation as we ride.  Help us to humbly appreciate the many blessings You give us as we travel the paths You set before us.  Keep us safe in Your warm embrace and feel the peace of Your presence as we ride through life.  As we ride, let us be a beacon and Your humble servant and be an example of what You would have us be.  Only Your grace and glory have gotten us to where we are.  And we give glory to Your, Father, knowing You, You give Your love and protection to us.  And comfort to us as You are always with us through good rides and bad.  Our life's roads are strewn with twists and turns, and we know You will always guide us to our final destination.  This and all things we are grateful for and we praise and give thanks to You, Father,   Amen 

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