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Veteran's Transportation

MCAT registered Veterans can be scheduled for transit Monday - Friday to VA facilities such as CW Bill Young Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center and James Haley Center. Certain restrictions apply. Contact MCAT for more information. MCAT website for Handy Bus support is at

Note: Veterans will get a 50% discount with proper Veteran I.D. but you should contact MCAT to verify any restrictions.

All details and fares are located on the VETERAN P.S.A. page.



Check the Special events page for all that is happening at POST 24


Please check the MANATEE COUNTY VETERANS COUNCIL website for valuable information on VETERANS affairs, historical data and other items of interest.



Although, in the number of members, POST 24 is large, it is a small, warm family of dedicated and committed people from the membership, the AUXILIARY, the LEGION RIDERS, the SONS OF THE LEGION and the HONOR GUARD, who, as 'USUAL SUSPECTS', are continually directly involved in all that goes on.  These are the ones for whom the general membership depends on to make it work.  Thanks to all who do make it work.

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